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Welcome to Broward SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Business - serving Broward County Florida

Mr. Carlos Ayala
General Management, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Marketing
Industries: International Business, Export/Import, Computer & Office Equipment

Mr. Paul Bosley
Banking, Sales, Consulting, Financing, Start-Up Marketing
Industries: Sales & Marketing, Banking, Business Services, Consulting

Mr. Michael Bush
Franchising, Start-Up, Communications, Buying or Selling a Business
Industries: Communications Equipment & Telephone, Sales & Marketing

Ms. Anita Byer
Human Resources, Recruitment, Sales, Operations, General Management
Industries: Insurance Agents, Brokers, & Services, Publishing, Sales & Marketing, Consulting

Mr. Tapan Chakrabarty
General Management, Food Production, Food Industry, Financial Planning, Business Plans, Marketing, International Sales
Industries: Manufacturing, Business Services, Computer & Office Equipment, Advertising, Business Services, Consulting

Mr. George Clinton
General Management Business Plans, Financial Planning, Marketing
Industries: Architecture, Engineering & Architectural Services, Public Relations, Industrial Engineering

Mr. Marshall Cohen
Retail, Marketing, Merchandising, Financial Planning, General Management, Accounting, Accounts Payable
Industries: General Merchandise Stores, Clothing Stores, Export/Import

Mr. Gerard Couture
Gneral Management, Training, Education
Industries: Business Services, Consulting

Mr. Milton Dendy
General Management, Purchasing, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Wholesaling/Jobber/Distributor, Accounting, Bookkeeping
Industries: Sales & Marketing, Wholesale Operations

Mr. Arthur Donovan
Business Plans & Strategies, Business, Turn-Arounds, Construction, Franchising, Marketing, Retail, Spanish Language Counseling
Industries: Advertising, Business Services, Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restaurants, Sales & Marketing

Ms. Carla Dorsey
Cash Flow, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Information Systems, Business Plans & Strategies, Budgets, Buying or Selling a Business
Industries: Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mr. Arnold Drucker
Sales, Retail, Export/Import, International Marketing, Buying/Selling a Business, Distribution, Negotiation
Industries: Sales & Marketing, International Business, Consulting, Export/Import, Mergers & Acquisitions, Advertising

Mr. Sanford Fishman
General Management, Purchasing, Procurement
Industries: Retail, Marketing, Manufacturing, Business Services

Mr. Michael Greenberg
Financial Planning, Startups, General Marketing, Cash Flow, Budgets
Industries: Consulting, Construction, Residential Building, Sales & Marketing, Advertising, Banking, Public Relations

Mr. Duard Hardy
Business Plans & Strategy, Consulting, People Counseling, Seminar Production, Startups, Training
Industries: Consulting, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing

Ms. Kerstin Holm
Sales, Business Plans, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Negotiations
Industries: International Business, Advertising, Sales & Marketing, Space Research & Technology, Pension, Health & Welfare Funds

Mr. Edward Joffe
General Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Importing, Business Services
Industries: International Business, Export/Import, Manufacturer Representative, Wholesale Operations

Mr. Ralph Kahn
General Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Merchandising, Promotion, Sales, Catalogs, Sales & Marketing
Industries: Photographic Studios, Mailing, Reproduction, Stenographic, Consulting

Mr. Louis Kaufman
General Management, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Legal Services, Marketing, Real Estate, Retail
Industries: Insurance Agents, Brokers & Services, Real Estate Agents & Operators, Clothing Stores

Mr. Howard Klahr
Appraisals, Valuing, Business Plans & Strategies, Financial Consulting, Real Estate, Rental Income
Industries: Business Services, Banking, Computer & Office Equipment, Consulting, Public Relations, Real Estate Agents & Operators

Mr. Myles Klein
Business Plans, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Business Taxes, Real Estate
Industries: Banking, Legal Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Wholesale Operations, Real Eastate

Mr. Richard Latham
Administration, Banking, Business Plans & Strategy, Human Resources, Security, Training
Industries: Banking, Business Services, Consulting, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, Information Security

Mr. David Lurch
Financial Planning, Financing, Business Plans & Strategy, Real Estate
Industries: Banking, Insurance, Real Estate

Mr. Robert Mincow
General Management, Administration, Financial Planning, Manufacturing, Food, Restaurants Industries: Wholesale Operations, General Merchandise Stores, Restaurants, Manufacturing

Mr. Kendrick Pierre
Business Plans & Strategies, Management, Government Contracts, Sales, State & Local Government Agencies, Small Business Certification
Industries: Consulting

Mr. Gary Pike
Business Turn-Arounds, Business Plans, Bankruptcy, Budgets, Manufacturer Representative, Sales, Wholesale Operations, Sales & Marketing
Industries: Manufacturing, Export/Import, Packaging, Manufacturer Representative

Ms. Carmen Pinto-Martinez
Computer, Information Systems, Consulting, Software Systems Engineering
Industries: Computer & Data, Processing Services, Consulting

Ms. Denise Ramirez
Banking, Business Plans & Strategies, Buying or Selling a Business, Financing, Small Business Certification
Industries: Banking

Mr. Ernest Reshew
Nonprofit Associations, Human Resources, Training, Design, Strategic Planning
Industries: Consulting, Nonprofit

Mr. Norman Showers
General Management, Business Plans & Strategies, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Real Estate - Rental Income
Industries: Computer & Office Equipment, Consulting, Communications Equipment & Telephone

Mr. Patrick Terhune

Marketing, Retail, Food, Financial Planning, Franchising, Buying or Selling a Business
Industries: Fast Food, Restaurants, Gas/Service Stations, Real Estate, Advertising

Mr. Miguel Thodde
Accounting, Account Payable Marketing, Spanish Language Counseling, Business Plans & Strategies, Education
Industries: Advertising, International Business, Packaging, Sales & Marketing, Personal Credit Institutions

Mr. Eric Thompson
General Management, Business Plan & Strategies, Strategic Plans, Architecture, Marketing, Training
Industries: Sales & Marketing, Research & Testing Services, Advertising, Consulting, International Business

Mr. Neil Tortorella
On and Offline Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Interactive Marketing, Web Design, Writing
Industries: Internet, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Consulting

Ms. Patricia West
Administration, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management, Human Resources, Recruitment
Industries: Consulting, Building Maintenance, Computer & Office Equipment, Personnel Supply Services

Mr. Kenneth Zempol
Business Plans & Strategies, Internet, Marketing, Market Research, Communications
Industries: Communications Equipment & Telephone

299 East Broward Blvd
Suite 123
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (View Map)
Phone: (954) 356-7263
Fax: (954) 356-7145
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